Products & Services

Manufacturing Processes:

REFCO produces circa 3 million parts per year and processes raw aluminium extruded material procured from local UAE sources; typically Gulf Extrusions within the Al Ghurair Group. The completed aluminium part production process from raw material to shipping is operated within a 25km 'close proximity' zone. This allows for effective stakeholder teamwork and communication between the supply chain.


REFCO’s manufacturing facility in Dubai processes automotive grade aluminium alloy extrusion using various production processes and techniques, including:-

  • Raw Extrusion Quality checking to validate incoming material for correctness in size, specification and material hardness / tensile strength.
  • Sawing parts accurately to size.
  • Pressing complex features (press machines wielding up to 160 tons of pressure).
  • CNC machining (various size 3 axis & 5 axis milling machines including milling robot technology):
  • ...
  • Bespoke operations e.g. swaging machines to open out areas of extrusion ends.
  • Metal forming and compression bending aluminium alloy extruded profiles to CAD data.
  • Heat Treatment to harden material to the correct mechanical properties.
  • Finishing and Surface Treatment Management: Co-ordinating and controlling finishing requirements e.g. anodising or powder coating in association with Gulf Extrusions:
  • ...
  • Sub-assembly of fixings and bracketry to extruded anodised parts (Lean operations are adopted):
  • ...
  • Final View & ongoing Quality Inspection (in-house) by REFCO to ensure quality requirements are met with each shipment.
REFCO is well positioned to efficiently supply good quality products to ongoing customer schedule requirements.

Tooling Design, Development and Project Management:

New projects are reviewed carefully by the Engineering, Project Management and Commercial team to provide competitive engineering solutions for aluminium product supply. REFCO houses a full suite of CAD applications including seats of CATIA and Solidworks, as well as on-site CADCAM and simulation before posting to the production CNC milling machines. Tooling and Fixture design capabilities are also available in-house to streamline projects and to allow for better control. This is also critical for quality and timing regarding Engineering Change Requests (ECR’s) for existing running projects.

REFCO Automotive

REFCO focuses on producing finished anodised aluminium parts made to customer specification, predominantly for the automotive (sunroof) trade. Other aluminium automotive application products are also supplied to suit.

Typical products manufactured and supplied include...

Automotive Sunroof Componentry:
  • Mechanical guide rails.
  • Rear lifters.
  • Roller blind tracks.
  • Cross/pull bars for roller blinds.
  • Wind deflector blades and more...

General Chassis Parts:
Other automotive parts are also supplied including specialist size and shape extruded parts that are carefully sourced and CNC machined competitively. Processing care is also a key area of focus. Parts can be supplied black or silver anodised or as cleaned (washed) mill finish:
Bespoke low volume prototype projects are also untaken; often with the view for production ready component development. Prove out at prototype stage will help with increased volume production work where processes are made lean and optimised to be within required cycle times.

REFCO Non-Automotive

Other industries can also be supplied, including: Architectural, Aerospace, Food & Beverage, Medical, Military, Rail, Technology and others.